About SportsLab

SportsLab, now in The Warehouse Building, 29 W. Cimmaron Street, Colorado Springs CO.

What sets SportsLab apart….

From day one you will notice a difference. This begins with really listening to what you want then explaining how we might help.  After that, I take the time needed to answer all of your questions and further discuss things.  How you would like to proceed is then up to you, without pressure.

Questions ? for more info call:  (719) 360-5050

Personal Training Training at SportsLab is truly for all abilities and levels, not just athletes. Your custom training plan will provide everything needed for your fitness goals.

Every component of fitness is addressed in your training plans.  Your desires and needs dictate how this will be handled in your training sessions.  This includes things like correct form, diet & nutrition, strength, power, speed, endurance, core strength & core function, flexibility… etc.

The training method(s) at SportsLab are proven. We don’t just follow the typical “trend of the week” like so many others do.  At SportsLab, we utilize advanced principles of Medical Physiology and Exercise Physiology, as well as time proven training methods that are used around the world.

Corrective Exercise at SportsLab addresses issues such as exercise induced pain, chronic pain, regaining full function after surgery, Gait Function re-patterning, neurologic conditions, Diabetic exercise guidance, and even compound/complex conditions.

 Metabolic Testing is also available on-site, as well as professional bike fitting, running/walking gait analysis, bike equipment and running shoe selection, and analysis of other dynamic bio-mechanics with slo-motion video.

Questions ? for more info call:  (719) 360-5050