About The Owner

Steve Saxe, Owner, Exercise Physiologist, Elite Personal Trainer

Steve Saxe – MTS, CES, CPT, SCS – owner of SportsLab




“I truly enjoy what I do, and the way I share that energy and enthusiasm is through what I do.  But it’s more than that still…..    


I have been a professionally active trainer since 1988/89, and for a period of 16 years I was also involved as an athlete in professional sports (skiing & cycling).

The education, certifications, and special training I have acquired to provide the variety of services at SportsLab are not just past experiences, I continue to be very active with independent research.  Over the years I continue to see research and theory mesh with “real world action”.  Working with human performance and the “limits” of our adaptive capabilities, I have seen some remarkable things and still recognize that our true capacities have yet to be discovered in many cases, and to never assume a current state as “done”.

It’s because of working with this vast potential within all of us that has led me to develop the methods in use at SportsLab today.

The training methods  I have developed are not a radically different approach, yet there is a rock-solid, bomb-proof core methodology with a consistency and ease of understanding that you won’t find elsewhere.


Professional Background:

- Not necessarily in chronological order  (I’m open to format suggestions !)
- From 1985/86 to present day: I have been professionally active in the fitness industry and in professional sports as an athlete, an Exercise Physiologist, member of The American Society of Exercise Physiologists, 4X Nationally Certified Personal Trainer (NASM, ACSM, ISSA, EASC), Metabolic Testing Specialist, Clinical and Corrective Exercise Specialist, PSIA Alpine- lvl. III certified (at age 16), PSIA Nordic- lvl. II certified, USSCA lvl. II Ski Coach, 11 years Professional Ski Instructor for Vail/Beaver Creek Resorts, Trainer/Clinician for the Vail/Beaver Creek Ski School, Examiner for the Vail/Beaver Creek Ski Instructor Academy in Vail, ISIA member, participant in the International Ski Instructor Exchange Program (Australia), Pro Racing events in Australia, Alpine Ski Guide with winter (and summer) survival training, Coach with the Junior Development Track Cycling Program at The Olympic Training Center, Expert Elite/Pro XC Mtn. Bike Racing, Competitive Swim Coach specializing in Stroke Dynamics, built custom Titanium bikes (design & blueprint, “from raw tube-stock to polished, precision fit, and ready to ride” under the name Kokopelli Cycles, adaptive equipment design and training programs for Special Olympics athletes in skiing (equipment design, fitting & biomechanics) for cycling (designed, re-designed and heavily modified just about everything) for Track & Field events (mostly speed/power training programs in the [throwing] field events i.e. Javelin, Shot, etc.), And of course training people here at SportsLab.