Personal Training

1-On-1 Private Personal Training  Training with SportsLab. Do it the right way from the start, avoid injury, make progress, and enjoy it. It’s a fact, the only way to do this consistently is by understanding the “what”, “why”, and “how” of what you’re doing.


Q: Why choose SportsLab ?

A:  You can learn to exercise the right way, get great results, and enjoy it.

In fact, at SportsLab you’ll be learning how to exercise for years to come as you train.  It’s been proven, your results are directly related to your knowledge and understanding of what you are doing. Plus, exercise is much more enjoyable when you really know “what”, “why”, and “how”.  This is what actually creates that lifelong positive change everyone wants, not just the 5 lb. weight loss you want to lose right now.

Q: But, how do you know if you are actually getting accurate and correct information ?

A: Unless you are truly an expert in this field, you don’t !!!   But, there is a way.  Again, it’s the difference between SportsLab and all the rest, and this time it’s the education, experience, and training methods used at SportsLab which have evolved over 25 years of professional practice.

– You might be thinking “My last/current trainer already did that” or “I’m sure I was taught the needed information and I’m sure it’s correct because my trainer said so”.

Consider this: The two statements I hear over and over again are: “why did my last trainer not tell me that ?”, and “why/how come my other trainer or internet “guru” say something else ?” usually in regards to essential “need to know” type of information that forms the foundation of basic exercise.

– I explain how, why, what, and break it down as much as needed so things are clearly understood. Many of my clients have been professional athletes and relied on me knowing truth from fiction to pay their mortgage and remain at the pro level.

– As for why someone is given incorrect information that is potentially harmful, or a waste of time, or just wrong…… that’s a good question !

Q: What about the way you are trained ?

A: Your training sessions are always completely customized for your goals.

The training methods in use at SportsLab are not a “system” or just semi-personalized routines.

Instead, I continue to provide only completely customized training sessions and use innovative methods that are as uniquely individual as you and your goals.

The content of every session, along with any necessary on-the-fly decisions that must be made to accommodate each day’s variables are based on your performance that day, and again come with more than 25 yrs. of experience.