Corrective Exercise

SportsLab Reference Picture for Corrective exercise   Corrective Exercise at SportsLab is without question, beyond what you will find at any other training studio. Steve gained Certification in 1999 through the National Academy of Sports Medicine as a Corrective Exercise Specialist.

Beyond that, Steve (SportsLab’s owner) has many years of experience (since 1999) in this field as well as continuous research and development of progressive methods used at SportsLab. This, combined with experience in clinical and private settings contributes to our ability to be well versed in all areas of Injury Rehabilitation and Corrective Exercise.

With Corrective Exercise, you will find effective, safe, and pain-free training methods while re-establishing and correcting movement patterns and specific biomechanics where needed.

Like all training at SportsLab, Corrective Exercise methods are adjusted according to each clients unique needs and abilities. SportsLab’s open approach to each individual guarantees appropriate training for the individual as well as the desired and needed outcome.

SOME common examples of what Corrective Exercise may help with includes:

1) orthopedic injuries   2) injuries causing chronic pain   3) specific temporary conditions   4) systemic medical disorder  i.e. Diabetes  5) diseases of other bodily systems   6) managing stress & learning about the “global” effects of acute stress on your body and mind.

This is by no means a complete listing. Contact us for specific information about whether you might benefit from incorporating Corrective Exercise into your wellness & training efforts.