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Diet & Nutrition-U R What U Eat

 Nutrition For Weight Loss, Sports, & Overall Health


 At SportsLab, you will find real answers to your nutrition needs, with clear easy to understand explanations.

When it comes to weight loss, there are many factors that challenge your body’s ability to efficiently access stored body fats, especially for something optional such as exercise (or at least “perceived” as optional by our metabolism).

Not to worry however, working together we will quickly take the mystery out of why you gained weight, and at the same time discover the strategy that best suits your needs to take the weight off.

You will find a depth of knowledge here backed by the owners certifications in Sports Nutrition as well as Special Populations (conditions) Nutritional Requirements with Exercise.

In-house at SportsLab I use a computer analysis programs that is used by hospitals, universities, and medical researchers to analyze my clients dietary intake before making any recommendations.

Although entirely optional (except for metabolic and digestive diseases) I strongly suggest a full micro-nutrient panel be done along with a three to four day dietary intake analysis before any real changes or recommendations are made to the current diet beyond what is obvious.

Some of the obvious things however, can begin almost right away.

These are things such as (rough) Estimated Daily Energy Expenditure (daily caloric intake). Cutting out fast foods, minimizing processed sugars and wheat…etc. and learning why and how these things negatively effect you.

I work with a medical testing lab as part of SportsLab’s Cooperative Care Network, this saves you from needing to make an appointment with your doctor, the cost of the appointment, the weeks it can sometimes take for an opening. Plus the 4-5 days to get the results.