Established In 1987…

Where SportsLab began:

SportsLab actually began in Vail, Colorado in 1987-88, where it was a specialty sub-business focused on resistance training for endurance athletes and skiers, and the Metabolic Testing aspect at that time was just warming up. My primary business that SportsLab was a branch of was called Evolution Endurance, which was a coaching and training service dedicated exclusively to endurance athletes and endurance sports.

However, since both were under the same ownership, and considering how much overlap was being created as SportsLab grew, I decided to consolidate under the name SportsLab.

SportsLab moved with me when I left Vail and moved to California in 1999-2000. And then found a permanent home here in Colorado Springs early fall of 2004.

SportsLab’s overall philosophy:

At the core of what drives SportsLab’s philosophy is constant growth. Not necessarily growth in size, but instead in the variety and advancement of what is provided.

From day 1, the philosophy of SportsLab has been straightforward;  Create one training method by combining current and progressive sports science and rehabilitative theories with proven training methods, many of which are in use worldwide by professional athletes and their coaches.

Then, to tie everything together, make the methods both useful and accessible to anyone and everyone at any level by making it universally adaptable. And, keep it affordable and within reach of any budget, in-line with the costs of any other personal training.